About Me & Review Policy

About me:
Hi! I'm Nina (full name Nikolina but I rather go as Nina –sometimes Niki or Nika from colleagues on work) and I’m bookworm. If you see profile name Nina Eudora you can know it’s me, I go by it almost everywhere :)

Two years ago I decided to start this blog cause I enjoy reading books and write about them. I live in Croatia and work in a bookstore. Heaven for bookworm, don’t you think? ;) My dream is to work in some publishing company  so I could be completely committed to books.

I enjoy good music, movies and chocolate and since I've read Anna and the French Kiss I started to adore Paris (as you can say it by logo design).

Here are some of my favourite books (in no particular order)
Review Policy

As you can see, I love almost every genre that exists :)

My reviews are always sincere and basically come from my heart and mind. If I liked the book I’ll tell it loud and clear and recommend it further, but if I don’t I won’t be too harsh but I’ll try to write fun review so people will enjoy reading it and lough :)
I post my reviews on my blog, Goodreads and Amazon, and pin them on PinterestTumblr, I Tweet about my reviews and share on Facebook page. You can also find me on Google+, Bloglovin.

If you're a publisher or author with a  book you would like reviewed on my blog, please send me an email on ninaeudora@gmail.com or you can contact me on any social network I'm active on. I read books on English and Croatian.

I am not taking any books for review at the time.
Thank you for understanding.

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